Raul Rovina de Godoy, born in the state of São Paulo, Brazil, in 1991, raised internationally throughout Brazil, France, Germany and now Portugal, is a human male that roams the planet earth moving around as it pleases him or suits the needs for the last 27 years.
After spending most of his awake (and some sleeping) time in schools of various education formats, Raul mastered the arts of the multimedia, recording the most various expressions of human behaviour, in multiple formats, such as Photography & Videography. 
So much roaming around got Raul to become a very old man in a young body, grumpy and anti-social at times, forgetful, slightly irritating and much more* but good professional non-the-less.
If you have a : social project; art project; event; job; idea; pretty person; not as pretty person; gorgeous location; product; that needs photos and/or videos, let's talk!
*contact ex-girlfriend(s) for more info.
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